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The Baldock Flower Farm: How it all began

Well, where do I start, the beginning seems like a lifetime ago and that is an absolute sign that I’ve loved every minute. I’ve always had a real passion for gardening so when we moved to our house 4 years ago in Baldock, with its very large garden, I was in heaven.

At that time the garden was not ideal, so first on the list of things to do was to get it landscaped. That was going to be our priority and the inside of the house would come in time, especially as our littlest one was (is) still writing on the walls!

After lots of hard work and designing, the garden was landscaped. The pride was overwhelming but then came the exciting bit for me; it was time to start filling it with plants. I was always in a garden center or had my head in some book or other researching my latest idea, it became a big part of my life. The garden started to take shape, although like most gardens I feel it will always be work in progress, my life project I guess, and I wouldn’t have it any other way.

As time went on I began to wonder more and more if I could turn my love of gardening into a living somehow. Then one night the penny dropped. I sat down to watch The Great British Garden Revival at home and that was the point at which I thought I can do this. It had such a huge and positive impact on me and I knew that this could be the start of something special for our family. The seed was sown as they say!

They say every plan starts with a big idea, and I had mine.  I was going to grow and sell flowers and maybe one day I could call myself a Flower Farmer. I set about researching and planning but the biggest challenge of all was persuading my husband that this idea of mine could one day be a viable business. I think I started to win the battle and talk him round as we started work on preparing the area in our garden. I had already started growing some hardy annuals the previous autumn and also had a few other plants growing in the cold frame. There was so much to do to prepare the land not least the small problem of 65 30f laylandi conifers growing in the middle of what would become a flower field. So Easter weekend of 2014 we set about removing the conifers and their roots.

Over the next few weeks we installed the rabbit fencing and a poly-tunnel and the next big job was to get the plants in the ground.  What was wonderful about this experience was that it was real family time. My two girls were ‘all hands on deck’ and Phil, my husband, was an absolute star. It was moving forward and every seed that was sown was to be the start of something very exciting and now it was no longer a dream, but a tangible, real life, reality.

It was the beginning of May 2014 and the plants were growing well, so I booked my first farmers market. It was nerve wracking but I knew it was time, that kind of ‘it’s now or never moment’. It was a great day and it was at that moment that I knew this was going to be what I spent my time doing. A lot has happened since then but what’s lovely is we’re still relatively new in the process and I learn something every week. It’s nice to finally be doing something as a career that feels like a hobby.

So that’s how it all began, the Baldock Flower Farm is no longer a hobby but is the result of much hard work, commitment and a healthy dose of passion. I’ve realised that dreams can come true, that you get out what you put in and most importantly, I’ve learnt to be much more tolerant to the little one writing on the walls at home.